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To request any of the services listed below:

  1. Please fill the Service Request form available on this site and e-mail it to

  2. Attach with your request a map that includes the dimensions, location, acreage of the field(s) and available source(s) of irrigation water.

  3. Indicate the directions on how to reach the field(s) or the site(s).

Upon receiving your service request AgriDrip will review the information you provided       and e-mail to you a quote for the requested service(s).  If you accept the offered quote please e-mail your acceptance signed and dated to AgriDrip. Upon receiving your acceptance the service(s) will proceed as follows:

* Drip/microirrigation System Design Service

Information & Preparation

A design form will be e-mailed to you to fill in the information available for the field(s), e.g., address, location, availabel water quantity and quality, soil, crops and the desired system(s).  Please sign and date the form and e-mail it back to  

Upon receiving the above mentioned form AgriDrip will prepare a layout for the system and e-mail it to you.  You may then make the changes that suite your needs on the layout, sign it for approval, date it and e-mail it back to AgrilDrip.  AgriDrip will, then, invoice you for 50% of the service cost.  Upon receiving this payment, AgriDrip will mail to you a receipt for the amount received and will begin preparing the design package.  

Design Details

The package includes: design sheet(s) prepared with AutoCAD, list-of-material, takeoff list, details-of-installation and maintenance program, all in easy to follow format. The design sheet displays field dimensions to scale, crop(s), acreage, actual number of trees and raw spacing and the type of system (i.e., drip emitters, microsprinklers, ... etc).  Also included are design uniformity, number of sets in the field, number of plants per set, number of emitters per plant, dischage per emitter, water application rate, peak crop water requirements and system capacity.  The design sheet also lists system pressure requirements and head losses on different part of the system as well as filtration, pumping and valving requirements.

Design Delivery 

Once the design package is completed AgriDrip will invoice you for the second half of the cost. Upon receiving this second payment the design package will be mailed to you via certified U.S. mail together with the receipt of payment.  The above listed package and information enable you to install your own system (if you so desire), operate it and maintain it.  However, AgriDrip is always willing to respond to your request for necessary changes or modifications of the system and for needed advice.  

*Irrigation Water Quality Evaluation & Soil Reclamation Services

- Irrigation Water Quality Evaluation
- Consultation on Soil Reclamation

You may be requested to obtain a recent laboratory analysis of the irrigation water(s) or soil samples for the field(s) subject to investigations and any other pertaining information, e.g., location of soil and water samples and grown crops.  Field visits may be necessary in some cases and need to be arranged.  After receiving the necessary analysis and obtaining the requested information, a written report will be prepared with specific recommend-ations.  You will then be invoiced by AgriDrip for the agreed upon cost of the service.  Upon receiving the cost, a hard copy of the report will be mailed to your address via certified U.S. mail together with the receipt of payment.

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