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Drip irrigation (micro / trickle) is one of the modern irrigation technologies that led to improvement of crop yield, more efficient use of irrigation water and fertilizers, as well as protection of the environment.

Drip / microirrigation applies water in a localized manner close to the plant at much smaller application rates than conventional irrigation methods and without any significant losses. This makes it possible to apply water and fertilizer by drip more frequent and maintain steady favorable moisture and nutritional conditions in the root zone . 

The management and maintenanace books (how-to mannuals) published by AgriDrip enable the system owner/operator to apply the required amount of water at the right time, manage and maintain the system and help keep it running efficiently.  These books were written with irrigation practioners in mind.  Please visit "Drip Books" page onthis site.

Also, AgriDrip designs drip irrigation systems, including site-specific, that are engieeringly and economically sound. 

AgriDrip can provide you with consulting services in soil reclamation and irrigation water quality evaluation.  We are as close to you as your phone and ready to help


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